Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SHORE was fun!!!!

So this is me and my hubby....might as well be, we have been together for almost 10 years, and NO we are not married yet.
This past weekend we went on a short trip to Point Pleasant in NJ with his Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and his girlfriend. We had a blast. It is such a gorgeous place for those of you have never been, you should really go check it out. We played mini golf, went to the aquarium, the TIKI bar which is a huge outdoor bar on the beach with these cool light up orange palm trees. Its like heaven!!! At the TIKI bar I was feeling brave and thought I would order something different so Im looking at the menu and come across this Lemontini so I thought I would give it a shot! I ordered it and when it came out it looked so pretty, then I tried it and damn near threw up. It was pure vodka and the only lemon in it was the lemon peel as garnish. I am not a big drinker so it just wasnt for me.

The aquarium down there is small but very nice and they have some pretty neat sharks, sea lions, a rare blue lobster, crocodile, mullocon cockatoo, porcupine fish, and a bunch of stuff you can touch. O, and they have penguins-they are adorable. You can adopt them for $75...I so want to adopt one cause they give you a footprint from your penguin and pix of it, a plush penguin, a fact sheet about your penguin, 2 aquarium passes and you get 2 invites to parents cute is that!
We also went to Seaside and sadly go hooked on crane games! I couldnt believe it, at the shore they have like GPS, IPODS, laptops, WII, Playstations and COACH bags in the crane games...that is too cool. Unfortunately we didnt win anything, but better luck next time!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day

It wasnt a very busy weekend, actually it was kind of relaxing. We had a yard sale and made out ok. Anything that was left we are going to donate to a church or Salvation Army. we are just tired of all the stuff laying around.

Chris, my brother and I did quite a bit of riding- meaning 4 wheelers. We have a lot of trails around our house. We rode to the river and waded around a little bit. Nicholas (my brother) wanted to go swimming but the water was a bit chilly. At one point, Chris was riding my 4 wheeler behind my grandparents house where we have a swamp and I guess he was feeling brave because he rode right through the swampy part. And needless to say, he got stuck...more like buried! But it was pretty funny cause I almost rang his neck and he just laughed about it.

Sunday we finished our yard sale and I baked brownies to take over to Jenn and Bryans house for a BBQ/Bonfire which was very nice and and relaxing if I may add. There was no drama or arguing. We had a lot of food and we sat around the bonfire and talked and hung out. With the exception of Bryan almost burning my toes off from throwing fire at me- I mean that sarcastically. He was "MANNING" the fire and flung hot coals at me by accident and one burned a hole in my sandal. Its ok- I forgive him for now- but paybacks a "Witch"