Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SHORE was fun!!!!

So this is me and my hubby....might as well be, we have been together for almost 10 years, and NO we are not married yet.
This past weekend we went on a short trip to Point Pleasant in NJ with his Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and his girlfriend. We had a blast. It is such a gorgeous place for those of you have never been, you should really go check it out. We played mini golf, went to the aquarium, the TIKI bar which is a huge outdoor bar on the beach with these cool light up orange palm trees. Its like heaven!!! At the TIKI bar I was feeling brave and thought I would order something different so Im looking at the menu and come across this Lemontini so I thought I would give it a shot! I ordered it and when it came out it looked so pretty, then I tried it and damn near threw up. It was pure vodka and the only lemon in it was the lemon peel as garnish. I am not a big drinker so it just wasnt for me.

The aquarium down there is small but very nice and they have some pretty neat sharks, sea lions, a rare blue lobster, crocodile, mullocon cockatoo, porcupine fish, and a bunch of stuff you can touch. O, and they have penguins-they are adorable. You can adopt them for $75...I so want to adopt one cause they give you a footprint from your penguin and pix of it, a plush penguin, a fact sheet about your penguin, 2 aquarium passes and you get 2 invites to parents cute is that!
We also went to Seaside and sadly go hooked on crane games! I couldnt believe it, at the shore they have like GPS, IPODS, laptops, WII, Playstations and COACH bags in the crane games...that is too cool. Unfortunately we didnt win anything, but better luck next time!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day

It wasnt a very busy weekend, actually it was kind of relaxing. We had a yard sale and made out ok. Anything that was left we are going to donate to a church or Salvation Army. we are just tired of all the stuff laying around.

Chris, my brother and I did quite a bit of riding- meaning 4 wheelers. We have a lot of trails around our house. We rode to the river and waded around a little bit. Nicholas (my brother) wanted to go swimming but the water was a bit chilly. At one point, Chris was riding my 4 wheeler behind my grandparents house where we have a swamp and I guess he was feeling brave because he rode right through the swampy part. And needless to say, he got stuck...more like buried! But it was pretty funny cause I almost rang his neck and he just laughed about it.

Sunday we finished our yard sale and I baked brownies to take over to Jenn and Bryans house for a BBQ/Bonfire which was very nice and and relaxing if I may add. There was no drama or arguing. We had a lot of food and we sat around the bonfire and talked and hung out. With the exception of Bryan almost burning my toes off from throwing fire at me- I mean that sarcastically. He was "MANNING" the fire and flung hot coals at me by accident and one burned a hole in my sandal. Its ok- I forgive him for now- but paybacks a "Witch"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

sTrAnGe but FuN

I have been wanting and wanting to go to the Renaissance Faire and finally got to go this past weekend. Chris' aunt called and invited us to go with her, her husband and nephew and his girlfriend. I wasnt sure what to expect cause I have heard so many mixed things about it- some say its awesome, others say its a "Freak show". First of all, we got there and the place was HUGE!!! There were some interesting things to look at and some cool games to play- they had a"REAL AXE" was cool but you better hope the person throwing that axe doesnt get mad!!! And there were some neat shows, like the JOUST- that was so cool. There were some really pretty dresses but I didnt realize how much "boobage" they show. There was one girl serving beer and her chest was pushed up to her neck and almost completely out the top- and i mean COMPLETELY!- I couldnt help but to stare, it was just amazing.

But I did learn that it is a "Way of Life" for some people. Some of the people that were there actually dress like that and act like that every day which made me respect it more because everyone is different in their own way and even though they were dressed different, they were still cool and fun. It was definitely a neat experience and I would love to go back. I highly recommend it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Night Alone

My boyfriend and I actually took a night to ourselves and went out this weekend. This is very rare for us. We havent had a night alone in about- 6 years (Not even joking) we have been together for 10 years and I honestly think we have gone to dinner and spent a night out together maybe 3 times, so this is a big deal for us... (and we dont even have kids). We went shopping and I ended up spending a little more than I planned but whatever!!! And we ate at the Cheesecake Factory-my favorite restaurant ever! I highly recommend it for anyone who has never gone there...the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo is the best I have ever had. What can I say, I LOVE it!!! Needless to say, I think we will be spending more time alone...cause we had a blast, and when its just the 2 of us, hes so sweet and lovey.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Can anybody tell me why people thrive off of drama. I am so sick and tired of all the crap. I just want to move away from all of mine and Chris' families so I dont have to deal with it anymore. It seems like it never ends. Are we the only ones who have such messed up families? I swear I have never seen a bunch of people talk about each other so much in my life. And LIARS!!! O my god....why do people insist on making things up. There is nothing I hate more than a LIAR>

Girls Night

Wednesday night we had a girls night out. Jennifer, Jillian and I went to Middletown to buy birthday gifts which was almost unsuccessful- Thank God we found something in the last store we went in. -Thanks to Jenn's brilliant idea. I mean really, what do you buy for a 7 year old that has everything?

After all of our well needed shopping we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's- which was slammin' if I might add! It was great to just spend time with the girls and talk about things.
I hope we can do it more often because I think we all need a night out once in a while- especially Jenn.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Weekend

So this past weekend was crazy. We couldnt decide what we wanted to do on Friday when I got out of work so we ended up going to the Sussex county fair in NJ. It was a blast. It was my boyfriend, my 7 year old brother and I. We had a really good time. My brother went on almost every ride they had. We got him a $20 ride bracelet so it was well worth it.

Saturday, I took my friend to a local Bridal shop that is going out of business in hope that she would find a dress or something. I thought, "hey, if its cheap enough maybe i will buy something for when i get married" But we got there to find out all the wedding dresses were sold out. They sold for $20-$50 each. How crazy is that? The Bridesmaid dresses they had left were selling for $5 - $10. I couldnt believe it. After that, I went to the disastrous 'Wal-Mart', that place is such a nightmare. I could have just beaten the daylights out of like 5 people that just either stood there like they didnt see me trying to get through or they ran into me or cut in front of me or just let their 10 kids run around the store like raging lunatics. I cant stand that place. Then we finished off the night with a nice dinner at Frankie and Johnnies where the food was excellent. My boyfriend treated, it was really nice.

Sunday I went to a local Motocross race where my boyfriend works on the track with a few other guys who are all in a club. The day started out chilly and boring. My uncle was racing for the first time in like 2 years. He got on the starting line and went into the first turn and fell and got ran over like 5 or 6 times. So, needless to say he didnt race for the rest of the day. He had tire burn and bruises all over his back and his thumb nail got ripped off. Yuck!!! So I thought this was it for the day: I didnt think anyone else would get hurt. So, my boyfriend raced his first race and didnt do so well. He wasnt feeling so good. Then his second race he gets off the track and this moronic jerk who tried to take him out in the race started yelling and cursing at him and told him that in the next race he was going to take him out again. They get on the starting line and the moronic jerk is like 3 people away from him. They went into the first turn and they guy ran right into the side of him to try to take him out, but paybacks a bit*h. The jerk went down instead!!! I was so happy. Until the end of the race when some lady says "O my god, that guy just flew into a tree" I didnt even think of it being my boyfriend until he didnt cross the finish line. Then I say my uncle running out on the track and he said "its Chris" so i just figured he had a little spill. Then some guy says "get the medic, we might need a chopper" thats when i freaked out. I started crying. My boyfriends friend broke the fence in half so me and my freinds could run down and see if he was ok. He landed between 2 trees and on top of a rock. He got the wind knocked out of him but he ended up being ok. He is just really sore. No broken bones though, thank god!!! God knows he has had enough of those.

Monday, i was a lazy bum and took a vacation day from work. I ended up dragging my bumped, bruised and tired boyfriend to the Wayne county fair. We had a great time. We ate from the time we got there. We took my brother so we let him go on rides then we ate buffalo chicken sandwiches, then ice cream, then peanuts and my brother had pizza, then we had more ice cream. Later on my mom, and grandparents came and they were hungry so he had a sausage and pepper sandwich and i had a chicken cheese steak, then we ate fudge. It was non stop. But that fair is so darn cheap that with entry, rides, food and 2 neclaces later, we only spent $70. I couldnt believe it. The sussex county fair was $33 just to get in the gate.

So I had a busy, fun filled weekend. And this coming weekend is going to be just about the same.