Thursday, August 28, 2008

sTrAnGe but FuN

I have been wanting and wanting to go to the Renaissance Faire and finally got to go this past weekend. Chris' aunt called and invited us to go with her, her husband and nephew and his girlfriend. I wasnt sure what to expect cause I have heard so many mixed things about it- some say its awesome, others say its a "Freak show". First of all, we got there and the place was HUGE!!! There were some interesting things to look at and some cool games to play- they had a"REAL AXE" was cool but you better hope the person throwing that axe doesnt get mad!!! And there were some neat shows, like the JOUST- that was so cool. There were some really pretty dresses but I didnt realize how much "boobage" they show. There was one girl serving beer and her chest was pushed up to her neck and almost completely out the top- and i mean COMPLETELY!- I couldnt help but to stare, it was just amazing.

But I did learn that it is a "Way of Life" for some people. Some of the people that were there actually dress like that and act like that every day which made me respect it more because everyone is different in their own way and even though they were dressed different, they were still cool and fun. It was definitely a neat experience and I would love to go back. I highly recommend it.


Elizabeth said...

Heather you know you love the boobies :P jk I'm gald you guys had fun. Love ya

Jennifer said...

i'm glad you got to go. i know when i went i loved it... but i also went w/ a group of funny crazy people. :) we should go some time all of us. :)

xoxoxo love you!!

Stephanie said...

We go every year and it's a blast. We never get through the entire thing though.

CrystalChick said...

I've never been to a Ren fair but have heard how much fun they are. A girlfriend blogger buddy of mine used to go EVERY year and dressed very themey. Her costumes were beautiful and yes, showed off the boobies! Those gorgeous wenches. I'm so jealous. ;)