Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Weekend

So this past weekend was crazy. We couldnt decide what we wanted to do on Friday when I got out of work so we ended up going to the Sussex county fair in NJ. It was a blast. It was my boyfriend, my 7 year old brother and I. We had a really good time. My brother went on almost every ride they had. We got him a $20 ride bracelet so it was well worth it.

Saturday, I took my friend to a local Bridal shop that is going out of business in hope that she would find a dress or something. I thought, "hey, if its cheap enough maybe i will buy something for when i get married" But we got there to find out all the wedding dresses were sold out. They sold for $20-$50 each. How crazy is that? The Bridesmaid dresses they had left were selling for $5 - $10. I couldnt believe it. After that, I went to the disastrous 'Wal-Mart', that place is such a nightmare. I could have just beaten the daylights out of like 5 people that just either stood there like they didnt see me trying to get through or they ran into me or cut in front of me or just let their 10 kids run around the store like raging lunatics. I cant stand that place. Then we finished off the night with a nice dinner at Frankie and Johnnies where the food was excellent. My boyfriend treated, it was really nice.

Sunday I went to a local Motocross race where my boyfriend works on the track with a few other guys who are all in a club. The day started out chilly and boring. My uncle was racing for the first time in like 2 years. He got on the starting line and went into the first turn and fell and got ran over like 5 or 6 times. So, needless to say he didnt race for the rest of the day. He had tire burn and bruises all over his back and his thumb nail got ripped off. Yuck!!! So I thought this was it for the day: I didnt think anyone else would get hurt. So, my boyfriend raced his first race and didnt do so well. He wasnt feeling so good. Then his second race he gets off the track and this moronic jerk who tried to take him out in the race started yelling and cursing at him and told him that in the next race he was going to take him out again. They get on the starting line and the moronic jerk is like 3 people away from him. They went into the first turn and they guy ran right into the side of him to try to take him out, but paybacks a bit*h. The jerk went down instead!!! I was so happy. Until the end of the race when some lady says "O my god, that guy just flew into a tree" I didnt even think of it being my boyfriend until he didnt cross the finish line. Then I say my uncle running out on the track and he said "its Chris" so i just figured he had a little spill. Then some guy says "get the medic, we might need a chopper" thats when i freaked out. I started crying. My boyfriends friend broke the fence in half so me and my freinds could run down and see if he was ok. He landed between 2 trees and on top of a rock. He got the wind knocked out of him but he ended up being ok. He is just really sore. No broken bones though, thank god!!! God knows he has had enough of those.

Monday, i was a lazy bum and took a vacation day from work. I ended up dragging my bumped, bruised and tired boyfriend to the Wayne county fair. We had a great time. We ate from the time we got there. We took my brother so we let him go on rides then we ate buffalo chicken sandwiches, then ice cream, then peanuts and my brother had pizza, then we had more ice cream. Later on my mom, and grandparents came and they were hungry so he had a sausage and pepper sandwich and i had a chicken cheese steak, then we ate fudge. It was non stop. But that fair is so darn cheap that with entry, rides, food and 2 neclaces later, we only spent $70. I couldnt believe it. The sussex county fair was $33 just to get in the gate.

So I had a busy, fun filled weekend. And this coming weekend is going to be just about the same.


Stephanie said...

Wow, scary. I know how you feel. Everytime I can't see my kids and they are obviously crying out in pain I panic. But they aren't doing anything dangerous like motocross racing.

Jennifer said...

hey love. i'm glad you had a good wkend even though i wasn't part of it... AT ALL!! ugh!! just kidding. i am glad you had fun though.

i love the sussex cnty fair... but we missed it this year... oh well there is always next year... and i do like the wayne cnty fair... it is nice and it is cheap... BUT for some reason we weren't in fair mode the other night... damn. :(

I sooooo happy that Chris didn't get hurt... I mean worse than he did... i know he is banged up and all but still way better than needed a chopper. i just could NOT imagine. :( I don't want to imagine.

thanks for last night... I had fun.

xoxoxox love you

Elizabeth said...

OMG THANK GOD CHRIS IS OK!!! Trust me I remember how it feels to go through that.
But you, Jenn and I know Chris is the animal!!! lol
Love ya