Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day

It wasnt a very busy weekend, actually it was kind of relaxing. We had a yard sale and made out ok. Anything that was left we are going to donate to a church or Salvation Army. we are just tired of all the stuff laying around.

Chris, my brother and I did quite a bit of riding- meaning 4 wheelers. We have a lot of trails around our house. We rode to the river and waded around a little bit. Nicholas (my brother) wanted to go swimming but the water was a bit chilly. At one point, Chris was riding my 4 wheeler behind my grandparents house where we have a swamp and I guess he was feeling brave because he rode right through the swampy part. And needless to say, he got stuck...more like buried! But it was pretty funny cause I almost rang his neck and he just laughed about it.

Sunday we finished our yard sale and I baked brownies to take over to Jenn and Bryans house for a BBQ/Bonfire which was very nice and and relaxing if I may add. There was no drama or arguing. We had a lot of food and we sat around the bonfire and talked and hung out. With the exception of Bryan almost burning my toes off from throwing fire at me- I mean that sarcastically. He was "MANNING" the fire and flung hot coals at me by accident and one burned a hole in my sandal. Its ok- I forgive him for now- but paybacks a "Witch"


Jennifer said...

LOL!! you have to get even with him some how!! really you do. and i'm totally down with helping you. of course you know that... i've always got your back. ;)

it was a great evening. maybe now that we are surrounding ourselves with more grown up people w/ no drama miss liz will come up for a weekend or something. god i miss that girl. :)

anyway... my love i will see you later for fight night.

xoxoxo love you!! forever too, i might add.

CrystalChick said...

We haven't had a yardsale in many many years. My neighbor/girlfriend just mentioned to me that she and another neighbor are planning one in a couple weeks. I'm sure I've got some stuff in the basement. And under the bed, and in the closets, and in some cabinets and drawers.....

Elizabeth said...

lol I will come up one weekends!!!! One that we all are free maybe in November? I will call you